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The Lady in the Water : No Spoilers [Jul. 25th, 2006|09:01 pm]
we've had quite enough of this video review


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Movie : The Lady in the Water
Director : M. Night Shyamalan
Writer : M. Night Shyamalan
Genre : Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller
Release Date : 21st July 2006
Main Actors : Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeffrey Wright, Bob Balaban
IMDb Address : Here
Note : If you are going to read the one with spoilers, read this first as it is intended to proceed the spoilers.

General Feeling : 6 out of 10
Categorised Rating : 5.87 out of 10

Review: It wasn't a good movie. Not that it was a bad movie, but it definitely wasn't good. Mind you, we have come to expect the infamous M Night ending that is supposed to shock and awe us (though honestly, how many of us are actually shocked or at at least admit to it?) Remember The Village or The Sixth Sense. But the critics warned us: there would be no surprise ending. And that is where M Night leaves us unfullfilled because there is no ending.

The music is misleading in this sense. Shyamalan relies heavily on Thomas Newton Howard, as he rightfully should since the man is rather brilliant behind the score. There was hope and intrigue. Perhaps we can forgive Howard for making the music decidedly suspenseful and getting our hopes up that something was going to happen, only to discover that there was nothing to suspend ourselves in our seats for. Left unsatisified through the duration of the movie, to come to the end and have no conclusion? Despite the beautiful orchestration through the last ten minutes? It was disappointing that there is a Moses who will save the world (played, rather horribly, by Shyamalan himself). How can a movie have a beginning, a middle, and then end without an ending? We will blame this on the writer. Or maybe I should not have been so ignorant as the tagline is "time is running out for the happy ending".

As for M Night showing his face outside of the normal cameo we are used to, I felt unsettled. Admittedly, this could be because of his sheer ego involved in making this picture, but one has to question why the writer, director, producer, GOD of the movie has to write himself as Moses for the modern world. His mediocre acting aside, the main cast of Paul and Bryce was well done. My ultimate hope is that once we have seen Bryce in Spiderman 3, we will see her stretching her acting legs out beyond M Night for as much as I loved her performance, it was rather like watching The Village all over again. The supporting cast was also appropriate, especially the role of Mr Leeds.

Whomever was doing the camera seemed to have sudden bursts of inspiration, randomly, and then do everything plain ol' Jane for the spots inbetween. The special effects were well done, though one has to wonder where the 70 million dollar budget went. Costumes were appropriate to the cast. Bryce only has two costumes: towel and shirt. Well done. The location was amazing and rather appropriate for the movie.

As for directing. M Night is pulling the oh-my-god-i'm-going-to-destroy-my-career-so-i-can-be-a-phoenix-despite-the-fact-i-haven't-made-it-that-big-yet. I hate this mentality. His directing was done in that of an epic proportion for a movie that is not epic and could never achieve such an accomplishment despite the brilliant casting of every other actor but himself. The plot flowed, and then was dammed.

[User Picture]From: leftmethere
2006-07-26 06:10 pm (UTC)
The general Moses/Jesus figure, aye. I don't mind small cameos, but for the love of god, such a prominent character? No. Not cool.

I like thriller, but I like that in his movies it's humans that we are scared of. But this? No. Not human. Stupid. I remember seeing The Sixth Sense and everyone yelled at me when I figured it out in the first couple minutes. Popcorn was thrown, insults hurled, it was rather bad.
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