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Movies According to Min

because we can't always afford to pay $7.50 for a bad movie

we've had quite enough of this video review
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The purpose of this journal is to serve as a holding tank for my movie reviews. It is a project to help me work on my writing before entering my last year of uni, which is conveniently located in the middle of a wheat field.

There will be two reviews posted: one with spoilers, one without. They will be clearly labelled as to which is which. It is intended that if you want spoilers, you would read the first (no spoilers) before reading the second as it prevents severe repetition. There will be two scores. One will be considered on writing, directing, the main actors, the supporting actors, music, camerca, visual effects (if applicable), costumes, site/location. The second will be considered on the initial gut feeling, as in what I feel the moment I walk out of the theatre and before I begin to take into consideration the anatomy of the film.

If the movie is an adaptation of a book, it will be in my best efforts NOT to compare the movie to the book. The book is canon, the movie is manon, and fanfic is fanon. We are focusing on the manon. That just sounds weird.

As for the movies themselves, anything is pretty much up for grabs. I'll review movies that are in theatres, on video, or have been around since the dawn of time (aka 1930). The goal is to write three movie reviews a week, but this will be pending on my school and work schedule. All the movies can be found in the memories section, alphabetically.

If you would like to recommend a movie, feel free to leave a comment. I'm always up for new films and enlightening myself. If you want me to review an up and coming movie, leave a comment. I'll try to forwarn you of movies I plan on seeing opening night/weekend. Also, I am going to make a promise of not forcing a movie: no romance will be watched and review if I am on a "all men must die" fit. It's just not right.

As a warning, I will tell you the movies I have fallen asleep during, and have walked out of. Just as a warning.
- The Break Up (walked out) : If I wanted to watch a dysfunctional relationship, which I wasn't even given a reason to root for in the first place, I would go visit my parents.
- Cold Mountain (walked Out) : My uncle made me because he was bored. I later watched it and think it's an okay movie now.
- Gladiator (fell asleep) : I had a temperature of 104 and ended up in the hospital two days later. I still intend on watching this movie at some point.
- Brokeback Mountain (fell asleep) : I didn't have a reason to care about either of them, which made me sad because I wanted to like this film. But compliments of Ledger, I was bored.

Feel free to add, comment, complain or praise.