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The Lady in the Water : Spoilers [Jul. 25th, 2006|09:28 pm]
we've had quite enough of this video review


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Movie : The Lady in the Water
Director : M. Night Shyamalan
Writer : M. Night Shyamalan
Genre : Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller
Release Date : 21st July 2006
Main Actors : Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeffrey Wright, Bob Balaban
IMDb Address : Here

General Feeling : 6 out of 10
Categorised Rating : 5.87 out of 10

What should have been done with this movie is M Night should have kept a subtle role. The press should not have let this be a traditional M Night Movie. Because of the expectations we as an audience had placed upon him, for him to break this tradition while putting himself blatantly in the spotlight served for the audience to be greatly disappointed. You jump in the water and wait there.

I was amused by what appeared to be a prank on Disney compliments of The Little Mermaid. Story, played by Bryce, has a little nook in the pool that looks suspiciously like Ariel's cove with her human nicknacks.

Also, as much as I enjoyed Bryce's performance, I didn't see why I should care about her. I had no idea about her world. As for her being the head of her group of girls, the ones that must go out to bring mankind back to the other world of water, it seemed so random. Jamie made a point that it would have been more interesting to tell the story from Story's point of view up until she was attacked by the creature at the pool. Perhapos then we would care about her and root for her to "win" and be taken by the eagle.

The fact that Paul's character was the healer was incredibly blatant. He was a doctor, he lost everything, of course he would become the healer. His confusion surrounding his place was rather heartfelt, as to how often do we wonder where our place in life is supposed to be? But for his stuttering to cease around her? Is this because he feels strength with her or is it because she was magical? Could that be made clear? Could the plot holes be fixed? Am I reaching for the clouds? No, I think not.

And then there is the ending. This ending I have been bitching about because it was written by a five year old. "Then what happened Johnny?" "The eagle picked her up and they lived happily ever after." Did they? What we are told is that M Night's character is going to write a book that will inspire a great man later in life and that he is going to be martyred because of writing this book. What a load of crap! He is Jesus, not Moses. We don't see the ending. We don't even see him moving to have the book published. We see Story move to the clouds and that is the end.

I feel cheated. M Night wants this movie to be a failure and with the success of Pirates, it's guaranteed to be one. Period. It is political, religious, spiritual, and every thing else cliché that one can put into a movie that was based upon a bedtime story that is supposed to have had oriental origins. I don't believe it, I didn't feel it, I feel cheated despite the hard work of his cast.